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Celebrate White Night Melbourne 2016 with Downtown Corporate Cars on 20th February

Go on board on a journey of discovery through the soul of Melbourne with music, food, film, art, and light. Bring your family and friends transform in a celebration of music, food, film, art and light, for one night only, from dusk till dawn. White Night Melbourne is Australia’s most celebrated cultural event inspired by the international Nuit Blanche. White Night Melbourne will take place on February 20, 2016, across four music stages all over Melbourne. The music programme will bring forth 100 hours of fun.

So put yourself in 2016 on the biggest all-night art party the whole city can join in on to celebrate culture and creativity, a night where the surreal seems real. White Night Melbourne is all about experiencing Melbourne in a different light, transforming the impossible into the possible through visual art, exhibitions, spectacular illuminations, drama, exceptional banqueting experiences, film, design, and presentations on display in places and major cultural institutes at the the city centre.

Melbourne, Australia, held its introductory White Night festival on 23 February 2013. The night attracted more than 300,000 people in 2013 and 500,000 people in 2014. The last White Night in 2015, extended the festival to more locations and places, including Scots’ Church where digital artist Alinta Krauth presented her Colonise 3-D projections.

This year White Night Melbourne will provide a mix of free and paid entertainment of over 12 hours. It will host home-grown, domestic, and intercontinental performers and works from Australia, France, Canada, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

The event runs from 7pm to 7am Saturday 20 February 2016. Book your seats today. And if you’re wondering what’s the best way to enter the venue in style, there could not be a better way than hiring one of our limousine for the day.

Downtown Corporate Cars offers Limousines for hire in Melbourne for events like these. If how you make an entry to an event matter to you, you must hire one of our Limousines to make your entry imposing. Call 1300 85 77 26 or +61 401 888 845

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